Wednesday, December 28, 2005

21st Century ZH27 Groups
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B D Asa Nisi Masa
B Best of ZH27
B D M Bodycocktail
B D M Buddy if you like our music go to the vet
B D M Carnival of Equivalencies and Inconsistencies
B D M Creamy Porn Stars
B D M dnasnow / mouseup
B D M Here Be Monsters
B D M Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art
B D M Maurizantes
B D M NotE (Noise of the Earth)
B D M Patina
B D M (#) Please get up on
B D M Post Solution Gesturalists
B D M The Prostitution of ...
B D M Second Violin
B D M The Twists & Turns of the Loved & Hated ...
B D Tube Alloys
B D M You, Me, Us & Them
B D M Your Life Has Been ... For You
B D M Zanguts
B D M Zanoisect
B D M Zanstones
B D M Zantrip 2000 & Zantrip 2002
B D Zuit Suit Beatnick
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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Artist Collaborations
>> Damien Bisiglia - Agog [ca]
>> Crow & Adam Bohman [uk]
>> Ken Clinger [ca/pa]
>> Das Frohliche Wohnzimmer [at]
>> Richard Van Dellen - De Fabriek [nl]
>> Tom Furgas [oh]
>> Het Zweet [nl]
>> Japanese collaborations [jp]
>> Jim Levine - Croiners [ny]
>> Al Margolis - If, Bwana [ny]
>> Memphis collaborations [tn]
>> Minoy - Elevation of Anxiety [ca]
>> Phillip B. Klinger - PBK [ca/mi]
>> Nick - Lucky Baby [in]
>> Robert Ommundsen [no]
>> Dave Prescott [ma]
>> Runzlestirn & Gurglestock [ch]
>> Iko Schutte - Pissende Kuh Kassetten [de]
>> Spanish collaborations (Mesa, Lopez, ECDM...) [es]
>> Mike Stevens [ia]
>> Jeff Surak - -1348-, V. [dc]
>> Henri & Albert Van Der Veen - Shmuzorft, Ditto [nl]
>> John Wiggins [ny]
Wherever possible I note in brakets "[...]" the American state or international country code for my collaborative friends. Overlap between the two codes means I must use [ca] for California and [can] for Canada. People move over the years so I try to use the place they were in when I was doing collaborations with them instead of more current places.

20th Century ZH27 Groups
>> Air
>> Courtiszan
>> Embarrassing and Regrettable
>> Grandbrother [ms]
>> I>N>C> international noise collective
>> Krynge
>> Munc Nezbup
>> Music, Manifestos and More
>> Running Stomach Stew
>> Unatoba
>> The Universal Will To Become
>> (not equal to) Zilch